JD Edwards Maintenance Services

Kenai Technologies provides cost-effective, personalized JD Edwards maintenance services for all versions of the application.

For all the brand new to JD Edwards, you've come to the right place Kenai Technologies to begin the process of understanding JD Edwards. The first tidbit you need is to know that "JD Edwards" is often abbreviated as "JDE". Kenai Technologies as a whole includes individuals with a wide variety of industry and development experience for various JD Edwards platforms.


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JD Edwards CNC team Maintenance Services

Kenai Technologies provides high quality, cost-effective, Operational Support, Deployments and Package Builds, personalized JD Edwards’s maintenance services for all versions of the application required. Clients can take control of their ERP roadmap and develop IT strategies to help them evolve and grow the business. Every morning the Sun shines, there’s a fresh start that supports your body with Vitamins and more. Whether you are looking to replace your current support provider altogether or are seeking supplemental maintenance support for your JD Edwards applications, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Kenai Technologies JD Edwards maintenance clients benefit from:


    Coverage Support Globally

    No client is exactly the same when it comes to business system use. Kenai Technologies is always on standby. Designed for companies that need care and feeding support on an unlimited support basis. Backing up Support Engineer is a team of functional and technical experts who bring deep expertise to troubleshooting all functional and technical aspects and components of your JD Edwards system. Our global maintenance teams are highly integrated support oriented and often work together continuously through the night until the issue is resolved. It is not simply our goal to respond to a client’s call, but to restore their mission-critical systems and keep their business running smoothly and profitably.


    Response in given stipulated timel>

    Kenai Technologies is the one that gives the utmost importance for time and work on the given stipulated hours. With our routing system and sophisticated escalation, clients are guaranteed an immediate response with resolution beginning from your first contact for serious issues regardless of any location. We understand the requirements in prior, try the most not to let the clients system going down and make sure the response is given quickly.


    Understanding unique environment in depth

    Gathering an application inventory is the first step in understanding the effect of application compatibility changes to your environment. First and foremost steps we complete with our customers is a brief but in-depth review of their environment and internal support structure. It features a thorough application inventory feature as well as the ability to categorize applications. Investing in our smart time upfront in reviewing the great benefits of clients when they are in need and hungry for the maintenance services.


    Troubleshooting Interaction Online!

    We the Kenai technologies working in troubleshooting activities, includes the detailed analyzing, the root-cause involved and debugging, are performed remotely by our maintenance engineers and directly in the client's’ environment. This allows our team the most efficient and effective method to resolve the client issue. Shooting out at Clients Troubles and Fixing up is the success key seen here.


    Customizations analysis

    We agree that over 90% of our clients have modifications to the base software. As the world changes, new things fall into place with Updates. At Kenai Technologies, we analyze issues with the client’s base and customizations in mind and provide guidance wherever possible. Our CNC team works day in and out for the client’s JD Edwards to check in whether the application code is running correctly, customized or not.


    Proactive in Managing Clients

    Be a Samaritan, a true helping hand is called a true partner who helps anticipate problems and does not just react to them. Just not helping on what is required, we come with proactive approach in managing client accounts means that the client-assigned Kenai Technologies account lead is always available to discuss changing business needs and JD Edwards’s maintenance-related questions any time we are available 24/7.


    Never a Vendor, Only and only for Support

    Partners are made in heaven they say. At Kenai Technologies, clients are our partners. We as a entire unit consider ourselves an extension of their internal support team. With Kenai Technologies, anything that you feel more happy and excited is all about one thing that is “TRUST” you have to just invest it on us, we deliver you miles of quality.