Kenai Technologies employs qualified developers and analysts whose specialties and experience best match your requirements. This helps ensure lower costs because there is no learning curve. They work in your environment with our supervision to guarantee productivity. Our Clients actively participate in selecting the best candidates for their particular needs.


Kenai is responsible for payroll processing as well as provide general liability insurance that includes comprehensive, bodily injury and property damage up to 1 million dollars for each occurrence. Because Kenai handles the consultants’ compensation, benefits and relocation expenses to your site (if desired) our clients can minimize start-up and labor costs.


The primary focus at Kenai Technologies is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We work closely with each client to ensure that all positions and project needs are met.


“We provide the consultant’s you want, when and where you want !” “We offer onsite and online professional training by experts”


While improving the efficiency of your business, it is smart to be allied with those who can supply the development services you need….when and where you need them. There is no overhead and hassles of hiring permanent staff.


This is precisely where Kenai fits into the BIG picture. Providing qualified developers/consultants for temporary long or short-term tasks, as well as complete turn-key projects. Kenai makes your life a whole lot easier and more productive.